The Don Peck Home and Commercial Rentals aspirations include family oriented single home dwellings located in the Beaty Street Historical District and Julian Newman school district of Athens, Alabama. The intent to provide commercial buildings to lease has been another goal since 1950. Vacant commercial property within the Athens city limits are also available for buying and leasing.


Peck Properties has been a family-owned business established in 1947 as the B.D.Peck Lumber Company. Since the 1950’s, Peck Lumber Company has constructed numerous private homes for the residence of Limestone County. Ben Peck Lumber Company constructed single dwelling residential homes, duplexes and commercial buildings which his wife Mary Emma Peck managed until 1982.

Don PECK HOME & COMMERCIAL RENTALS was created in 1993 after teaching thirty years as a public school band director at Sparkman High School in Madison County. Since this time all properties have been renovated and landscaped to include nine residential, four commercial, ten commercial and residential vacant lots, and one thirty one acre farm rental.